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Terada Hospital English Page

 Hello! Welcome to Terada Hospital English page. It is provided for patients who live in Japan (the Kansai & Tohkai area). If you feel more comfortable speaking in English than Japanese for medical advice, we can help you.

 Our hospital originally started specializing in gastroenterological surgery in 1977. But with the development of endoscopy, this hospital was able to develop into a general gastroenterological hospital. Now we have in- and out-patients not only from Mie prefecture but also Nara, Osaka, and Kyoto. Our surgeon team proudly specializes in areas dealing with stomach, small & large intestine, anus, gall bladder, and breast. Since 1997, specialist dealing internal medicine also joined our team. We now have a team of six medical doctors.

 You may hesitate to see doctors because of the differences of language, insurance policy, and so on. Why don’t you come and see us? We can give you better advice than “Take aspirin, drink plenty of water and rest”. The doctors in our hospital who can speak English are;


President of the hospital
General surgery, Gastroenterology and Breast surgery


Director of the hospital
General surgery and Gastroenterology


Director of internal medicine
General internal medicine, Rheumatology and Nephrology

 If you come to our hospital, you heve to have your Medical Insurance card. Also please don’t forget to bring your foreign ID card(optional) or ID with photo.
If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 0595-63-9001, or Email us (Please enable JavaScript in your browser by accessing your browser settings.).